Be different together

Rough-Tender was born out of our desire to offer people a unique way to display their affection for their loved ones. It all started in 2013 when, just a few months into our relationship, we were planning our first holiday together and flirted with the idea of wearing matching outfits. 

What we thought would be an easy thing to do, quickly turned out to be not only difficult but very limited in the offers we found both online and in brick and mortar stores. Still few offers out there in the market with some variations but yet very kinky or childish which would make a lot of people including us uncomfortable while wearing them in public. 

Therefore we spontaneously and at the beginning maybe even subconsciously started to create and design our own visions of something which you can really call adult and at the same time cool and youthful matching ware for all age groups and genders where you will be actually proud to stand out from the crowd without being worried you might be embarrassed or made fun of.

After all, people have always been showing their feelings, mood, status or way of thinking through the clothes and accessories they wear. So why not reveal that sincere bond you have with your loved ones through clothing? So that is why we want our clothes to never take away your individuality and to be proudly wearable not only in a pair but also by yourself.

And so…this is it…Rough-Tender representing man and woman, yin and yang, warm or burning emotions, parent and child, sister and brother, heart to heart. It is a way to get a stronger feeling of closeness to one another and to make the moments you share with your loved ones more memorable than ever. So go ahead and dare to be different. Together or just by yourself.